The Polish Institute of Silver Economy (KIGS) aims to foster the activities supporting the silver economy.
The Institute integrates traders, investment funds, government and local government bodies, social research centres and senior citizens’ organisations in order to develop the cooperation among stakeholders for the development of services for the elderly. As a part of the Government Programme for Social Participation of Senior Citizens for 2014-2020, the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy supports KIGS’s free public benefit activity that consists in developing criteria for accessibility and the certification policies of the social care services.

The experience of the Institute constitutes a unique source of an interdisciplinary expertise and practical knowledge in the field of silver economy in Poland and in Europe.



The goals of the Foundation of Senior Civil Parliament are as follows:

  • cooperation with the Sejm and the Senate of the Republic of Poland, other public authorities, Territorial Self-government Units and non-governmental organisations implementing the objectives similar to the activity of the Senior Civil Parliament
  • initiating and supporting the cutting-edge solutions in various fields of social life, advocacy of seniors, prevention of the age discrimination, protection of freedom and human rights,
  • promoting the use of modern technologies and the silver economy to ensure the high quality of life and safety of the elderly,
  • developing and strengthening the attitudes directed at the development of civil society and various kinds of activities of the elderly,
  • activities for the promotion of education, health prevention and protection, physical culture and sports, the protection of citizens’ rights, national heritage, promotion of culture, activation and rehabilitation of dependent and disabled people.


The objectives of the Foundation of All-Poland Convention of Third Age Universities are:

  • the activity for the development and consolidation of the Third Age Universities as well as other third age universities in Poland and abroad and for non-governmental organizations operating for the elderly. Present and future members of this organization automatically become the beneficiaries of the actions and the help of the Foundation,
  • activities for the promotion of education, health prevention and protection, social security, in the field of physical culture and sports, environmental protection, protection of human and civil rights, protection of national heritage, culture, charity, professional and social rehabilitation of the disabled,
  • initiating and promoting innovative solutions in a variety of areas of social life, and particularly in the protection of freedoms and rights of persons and citizens, in the protection of the family life and in the social prevention,
  • promotion of the use of modern technologies in the wide range of activities for the high quality of life of the elderly,
  • developing and strengthening the attitudes aimed at the active cooperation in the development of the civil society.


The All-Poland Federation of the Third Age Universities Associations is a union of associations and foundations, non-governmental organisations that have legal personality and – within the statutory tasks – conduct particularly active and continuous educational activity for the elderly as well as the activity in the field of protection of the rights of the elderly. The Third Age Universities Federation works within the rights of voluntariness, equality of rights and openness. Joining the Federation does not affect the independence of member associations. The Third Age Universities Federation has a legal personality and is registered in the National Court Register. Detailed policies of the activity are specified by the statute available at in the tab FEDERATION



TÜV Rheinland Poland is a leading entity in the market of certification and research services in Poland. The company is part of the international TÜV Rheinland Group, which is a leading provider of industry services all over the world. The main domain of the activity is the certification of goods, technology, management systems and personell. Based on many years of experience of TÜV Rheinland Group, the Polish branch of the company offers a wide range of services for companies of different sectors of the economy.

Thanks to the cooperation between Healthy Aging and TÜV Rheinland Poland within the national certification system of the OK SENIOR Quality Mark, the accreditation process beneficiaries will receive the TÜV quality certificates as well as the license for the use of the OK SENIOR Quality Mark in the range of accredited services, which will allow Seniors and their relatives to choose the quality-approved care for the elderly services.


PCG Poland constitutes an integral part of the global company Public Consulting Group specializing in services for institutions and companies operating in the public sphere. The company provides counselling and consulting services in the sectors of education health and social care in the field of strategic, operational, financial and modern technological consulting, including among others audits and analyses.

Thanks to the cooperation between Healthy Aging and PCG Poland within the national certification system of the OK SENIOR Quality Mark, the accreditation process beneficiaries will receive the quality certificates as well as the license for the use of the OK SENIOR Quality Mark in the range of audited services, which will allow Seniors and their relatives to choose the quality-approved products and services.


The Laboratory of Architecture 60+ (LAB60+) is the first Polish foundation (and, at the same time, a workshop) dealing with an innovative approach towards planning and designing for the ageing society, which closely cooperates with the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Silesia in Gliwice..

LAB60+ is a platform for exchange of knowledge, implementation and commercialization of interesting projects and organizing of inspiring events in spatial issues of the ageing society.

LAB60+ is developed by the best senior spatial policy specialists in Poland, who define the vision of a given area, the scale of the district, estate, building, room and even everyday objects..

LAB60+ supports the local government authorities, developers, private investors, design offices, companies offering senior-friendly products that can be used in public spaces and buildings and all of those who already think about their mature age.

The slogan of LAB 60+ is: “Space with a perspective 60+”.

More at:



The Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation “TERAZ POLSKA” operates for the promotion – both in Poland and abroad – of Polish products, services and municipalities as well as strenghtening the significance of the Emblem “Teraz Polska” ensuring that it is honored and respected among producers and customers. Every year, the Foundation organizes the competition “Teraz Polska” during which it awards the best Polish products, services, innovative undertakings and municipalities, granting them the Logo “Teraz Polska”. Since 2014, the Foundation has been engaging in the promotion of projects aimed at the improvement of the quality of life of senior citizens in the field of, among others, preventive healthcare, promoting Polish healthy food and active healthy lifestyle.

The cooperation between Healthy Ageing and The Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation “TERAZ POLSKA” will allow to promote the certification programme OK SENIOR Quality Mark, and the presence of the prestigious Emblem “TERAZ POLSKA” on the programme certificates will allow Seniors and their relatives to choose recognized and quality-approved offers of products and services dedicated for the elderly.


The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers is one of the most recognized national organizations of entrepreneurs. We associate micro, small and medium businesses, employing between 1 and 250 employees, regardless of the industry within which they operate. The regional and branch organisations are also our members. Currently, we integrate more than 2.5 thousand of economic entity. The strength of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers is efficiency and effectiveness, expert knowledge and professional information that we provide to our members.



Since 2004 we have been a Public Benefit Organisation. Over time we have obtained the membership in such prestigious organizations as Consumers International – global consumer organisation, and BEUC – European consumer organisation.

For over 30 years, we have been changing and adapting to your needs. Each day we try to counteract the abuse and dishonesty towards those who conclude purchase contracts. The speed and effectiveness of our responses is also the consequence of the entry into the European single market.

  • Free counselling – Among many, seemingly similar, institutions we have always and consistently been distinguished by THE FREE COUNSELING AND LEGAL AID provided by dozens of regional consumer federation offices – consumer counselling centres operating throughout Poland. We provide over 130 thousand legal pieces of advice per year. We have lawyers, consultants and volunteers at your disposal.
  • Activities – we are initiating, consulting, giving opinion and lobbying on the legislation. We insist that such provisions are introduced that not only will ensure the safety and the functioning of market that will be satisfactory for consumers, but will also shape the relationships with entrepreneurs. We move towards a situation in which the market will develop in accordance with the law and principles of business ethics. We actively participate in the works of the Polish Parliament commission and cooperate with Members of the European Parliament. What is more, we pronounce judgement on the Consumer Policy Strategy, particular acts and the implementation of the Community rules. We actively participate in the public consultation concerning all areas of the market influencing the situation of customers in Poland and abroad.
  • Cooperation – We cooperate with the state administration and a number of institutions in the areas in which we can directly pronounce judgement on legal solutions. We operate intensely in the – often created on our initiative – institutions such as arbitral consumer tribunals by the Trade Inspection or arbitral tribunals by the President of the Office of Electronic Communications.
    • We actively participate in the works of many institutions, groups, committees at national and international level.
    • The Council of Banking Arbiter
    • The Council of the Insured by the Insurance Ombudsman
    • Financial Supervision Authority
    • Working Group on Child Safety on the Internet
    • Working Group on Sustainable Consumption at the Ministry of Economy
    • The Diet, Physical Activity and Health Council
    • Standardization Council of the Polish Standardization Committee,
    • Foundation Council and Chapter House “TERAZ POLSKA””
    • BEUC – Working Group on Safety and the Environment,
    • ANEC – Working Group on Child Safety
    • The European Consumer Consultative Group by the European Commission
    • We are the observer of the Tripartite Commission for Social and Economic Affairs
  • Interoperability – we had to work out specific rules for cooperation with the associations of entrepreneurs of a given industry or sector. This is a cooperation of different types: information campaigns, conferences, trainings for staff, sometimes recurring meetings with entrepreneurs devoted to consumer policy, and presenting problems reported by the customers of these companies. This interoperability with entrepreneurs influences raising the standards of their actions – transparency, honesty, sharing of good market practices.
  • Education and information – we conduct many activities on the dissemination of consumer knowledge. We often direct our message to the selected groups, for example children, young people or the elderly. We hold many meetings, trainings, we issue publications, we post many articles on our website that are useful in the every-day life. Within several past years, we have issued over 60 (often high-circulation) publications.



For 18 years now, the Association MANKO – Głos Seniora (1% Public Benefit Organisation) has been the publisher of the civil media and the organizer of a number of national social campaigns, such as: Lokal BEZ papierosa (The premise WITHOUT a cigarette), Polska BEZ dymu (Poland WITHOUT smoke), RyzyKOchania (The risk of loving), Nie pal przy dziecku (Don’t smoke around the child), Palenie jest słabe (Smoking is lame), Życie zaczyna się po 60-tce (Life starts after sixty).

For six years, we have been dealing, together with the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy, the Ministry of Health and many other institutions, with the senior policy and supporting the elderly. We publish the all-Poland Magazine “Głos Seniora” with a circulation of 30 thousand copies, together with its local editions: the Warsaw edition (8 thousand copies) and Rzeszów edition (5 thousand copies) and the Nationwide Senior Card. We are also the organizer of the Senior Days (free lectures, advice and research on health, law, security and economics). Głos Seniora is distributed in the organizations for seniors i.e.: over 300 Third Age Universities, senior clubs and the City Halls in partner cities. Almost 85 thousand seniors already have the Nationwide Senior Card, thanks to which they can enjoy discounts at over 800 places, institutions and health centers throughout Poland. Our pro-senior initiatives include also, among others: the national Senioralia in Cracow and Senior Health Days, which we hold in many partner cities in Poland. In Głos Seniora, we promote the pro-senior initiatives and inspire people to act; we are engaged in the education of older people in legal, economic, social and preventive health care matters. In addition, in Warsaw and Rzeszow we promote local projects and events for senior citizens as well as places and people who act in support of the elderly. On the pages of our magazine, numerous competitions for senior citizens are organized, the aim of which is to promote active lifestyles, interests and passion for people 60+: Opowiedz nam swoją historię (Tell us your story), Miłość po 60-tce (Love after sixty), Stylowa Seniorka (Stylish Senior), Gotuj razem z nami (Cook with us), Zwierzak sposobem na samotność (Pet as a way to avoid loneliness) and Senior Działkowiec (Senior as an allotment holder).

Two years ago, we started the project named Senior-Friendly City, within which we closely work with over 40 cities and municipalities throughout Poland. Those are among others: Warsaw, Rzeszów, Rybnik, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Zabierzów, Dzierżoniów, Stary Sącz, Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Świętochłowice, Kłodzko, Tomaszów Lubelski, Włocławek, Ustrzyki Dolne, Lębork, Andrychów, Jejkowice, Lubanie, Pieszyce, as well as Nowe Miasto Lubawskie. In some of the municipalities and cities, we have issued local editions of the Nationwide Senior Card, we organize Senior Days and publish the local edition of Głos Seniora. Thanks to those activities, senior citizens from these cities can benefit from the discounts throughout Poland and broaden their knowledge in the field of health prevention, law and economics. Local Senior Card works both within the city and throughout Poland, so that seniors can use it outside the place where they live


Słowo Seniora is a website where you can find tips both sweet and bitter. Life has many colors and Słowo Seniora shows them fairy and truly. The website for seniors Słowo Seniora does not paint a pretty picture, but it shows the various shades of life

The mission of the website for seniors is to spell out the word SENIOR and restore the respect towards the elderly

Even 30-year-olds have the feeling of being “old” – whether they are right or not, we do not judge. ‘The message of the website Słowo Seniora is directed to mature people who are aware of the passing time and who, at the same time, are not mortified by life,’ says Remigiusz Zagórski, the editor-in-chief of



is a strategic agency of the integrated marketing, which connects marketing with the professional research and analysis of the competitive environment in the innovative way. We specialize in the making of marketing strategies based on the knowledge obtained in the process of the multicriterial business case. The wide range of expertise allows us to create comprehensive solutions, which will meet all the needs of our Customers. We conduct and coordinate the activities related to: Media (planning, purchase, strategy), Creation (creating and strategy of the ATL, BTL and digital communication), Competitive and market interview, Event marketing (production and implementation)



Point of View Business Communications Consultancy is a consulting company that helps the Customers navigate in a complex world of contacts with the public opinion, media, business partners, customers and opinion-making environments. The company has over 20 years of experience in the field of communication consultancy, deals with the development and implementation of the strategy of positioning of companies and brands on the market, but also with communication and solving the sector problems.
Point of View collaborates with companies, institutions or industry organizations from different sectors of economy – banking and finances, insurance, capital markets, Private Equity, energy, medicine, pharmacy, information technology, telecommunications, education, FMCG or media sectors.
It also cooperates pro bono with many organisations, among others with the Family Adoption Foundation, the European Union of Women on the “Kobiety Niezapomniane” (“Unforgettable Women”) project or with the Foundation of Charity Journalist’s Ball.



In the Talent Factor, we strongly believe that people of all ages have a great potential and talents to do their job well, care for customers and continuously develop. We believe that our task is to support the organization in the realization of this potential. Therefore, within the cooperation with OK Senior, we offer the support in the development of your organization and its presonell, so that it can successfully compete and win on the silver economy markets. We are a British training-advisory company that works in the Central-Eastern European countries. We deal with the diagnosis of the professional potential and the development of companies, management boards and the customer service areas. We offer training and consultancy activities in the area of work ergonomics, the use of the potential of mature people. Moreover, we support your staff dealing with the customer care in the development of the appropriate skills of providing assistance to elderly people, which translates into the loyality of the customer and the increase in your results.


Trade Fair in Cracow Sp. z o.o.

The objectives of the Senior Trade Fair held in Cracow are:

  • Presenting the offer of companies that target their products and services at Seniors
  • Allowing the retired people and their families to become familiar with the market trends and novelties from many industries
  • Exchange of experience among specialists
  • The presentation of artistic activities of Seniors from Cracow and the surrounding areas
  • Integration between generations


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