The use of the OK SENIOR mark in the marketing communication is a great way to highlight the credibility and the quality of company management. There are many possibilities to expose it, and thus build a positive image of a company.

Direct communication with employees:

  • newsletter,

  • intranet,

  • exposition of the certificate during corporate events.

Social media:

  • messages, information on, for example: Facebook, Instagram,

  • business profiles: Goldenline, LinkedIn.

Documents, forms for Customers and for cooperating companies:

  • correspondence to Customers,

  • invoices sent to Customers (printed or electronically issued) can be placed as a watermark or a logo in a chosen location,

  • receipts (logo on cash register rolls),

  • print on envelopes,

  • inventory documents and other documents (printed or electronically issued).

Different forms of advertising:

  • billboard campaigns,

  • press, television or radio advertising.

Marketing materials:

  • websites,

  • materials about a company’s profile,

  • press releases about a company, interviews, articles,

  • commercial offers, sales presentations,

  • printed materials: leaflets, folders, catalogues, organizer books,

  • product boxes,

  • product labels,

  • letterhead,

  • in the form of magnetic stickers for cars (passenger cars) for sales teams

  • stickers to use in the company’s main office (departments), warehouses, halls, visible to company’s employees and guests (at the entrance),

  • stands at the company’s reception,

  • for the email signature of employees,

  • newsletter for Customers,

  • banners, roll-ups

  • company gadgets,

  • exhibition stands.